Top 10 Gaming Affiliate Programs 2021 [Video Game Affiliate Programs]

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Top 10 Gaming Affiliate Programs 2021

Are you a passionate gamer looking for new ways to start earning additional income through gaming affiliate marketing?

luckily, at the time of writing the gaming industry is currently worth US$115 billion, with the potential of being worth over US$600 billion within the next 10 years.

Affiliate Marketing

A gaming affiliate becomes an affiliate partner with gaming companies to promote their products and services.

In order to make extra income, many streamers, gamers, and content creators like youtubers, bloggers promote games, accessories, software, hardware as affiliate marketers.

Let’s review the best PC, PS, video, and gaming affiliate programs.

Advertisers normally have a 30-day cookie duration, which gives you enough time to get credit for sales.

Even if the buyer doesn't purchase the advertiser's product immediately after clicking your affiliate link.

Outside of gaming companies, many companies have affiliate programs like Amazon, ebay, Walmart, Aliexpress, Alibaba and Target.

How do I promote the affiliate programs?

Gaming affiliates or affiliates marketers in general typically promote products and services on YouTube or Twitch and their websites. On YouTube, affiliates place their affiliate links in their video descriptions.

It can be the equipment they use daily to explore the world of games like their console or television.

On websites and blogs, affiliates promote their links in their articles. Another way to promote their links is to write reviews about the products like best keyboard for programmers or Hostinger Reviews.

Here is a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this article. You can use the quick links below to jump to the affiliate program of your choice.

Twitch Affiliate Program

Twitch home page

Twitch is an online service like YouTube which has over 9.36 million active streamers as of April 2021.

The platform actually allows users to create entertainment by streaming their video games for their audience.

The most popular Twitch channels have millions of viewers. Ninja, the top-ranked streamer on Twitch, had 16.6 million followers in April 2021.

Affiliates can earn revenue from the sale of games or in-game items on Twitch.

When streamers play any game on stream that is available for sale or has in-game items for sale on Twitch, a purchase offer appears on the channel page below the video window.

Affiliates earn a 5% revenue share of the purchases that come from their channel pages.

Learn more and join Twitch Affiliat Program.

Commission Rate5% per sale
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer | PayPal | Check
Affiliate Network/SoftwareIn-house custom

Vortex Affiliate Program

Vortex is a cloud gaming platform that allows gamers with potato PCs, android phones to play high graphic demanding games without downloading or updating them.

vortex homepge

With vortex, you don't need to waste money on gaming hardware. You can play all demanding PC games on any device you choose.

You can play your favorite games online on all your devices with just one subscription!

If you want to promote the best graphic demanding PC games on the market on any device without needing expensive hardware, you can promote Vortex affiliate program.

Commission Rate10% per subscription
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer | Check
Affiliate Network/SoftwareImpact

Nvidia Affiliate Program

Nvidia is best known for their wide range of high performant GPU (Graphics Processing Units) or gaming graphics cards.

nvidia home page

While the high performant graphics cards were always respected for gaming, they are also used for mining cryptocurrencies.

Learn more and join Nvidia Affiliate Program

Commission Rate2-5% per sale
Cookie Duration45 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer | PayPal
Affiliate Network/SoftwareRakuten Advertising

Alienware Gaming Affiliate Program

Dell's Alienware brand is 100% made for gamers. Alienware builds gaming PC's that are performant and durable.

alienware affiliate homepage

Founded in 1996, the company changed its name from Sakai to Alienware in 1997 because the founders loved the X-Files TV show.

Alienware is now owned by Dell since 2006, so you’ll have to sign up for the Dell affiliate program

Commission Rate1-6% per sale
Cookie Duration3 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer
Affiliate Network/SoftwareFlexOffers and CJ Affiliate

Fanatical Affiliate Program

Fanatical is a massive and popular marketplace of officially licensed game keys that you can promote on your website or YouTube Channel.

fanatical homepage

They generate a lot of their income by running discounts on most of their products.

Learn more and join Fanatical Affiliate Program

Commission Rateupto 5% per sale
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment MethodsDirect Deposit, PayPal or payoneer
Affiliate Network/SoftwareCJ Affiliate

GameFly Affiliate Program

GameFly is an online game rental company in the United States.

Gamers rent games, and the games are shipped to their home addresses on a subscription bases.

gamefly home page

Video games are available for popular systems like consoles, PCs and Macs

Subscribers can also purchase games at full price or at a discount.

Learn more and join GameFly Affiliate Program

Commission Rate$15 for free trials. 5% per sale
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment MethodsDirect Deposit, PayPal or payoneer
Affiliate Network/SoftwareCJ Affiliate

Razer Affiliate Program

Razer manufactures high-performance award-winning products every gamer wants, and that includes gaming peripherals and Razor Blade gaming laptops.

razor homepage

The Razor affiliate program gives you the opportunity to promote all of their high-performance hardwares through banners or links.

Learn more and join Razor Affiliate Program

Rate for Software20% per sale
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer
Affiliate Network/SoftwareImpact
Rate for Peripherals3-7% per sale

Logitech Affiliate Program

Logitech is the world’s most popular manufacturer of computer peripherals and software. They are well known for their computer keyboards and mice.

Logitech provides gamers with gaming equipment such as mice, keyboards, headsets, steering wheels, joysticks, gaming mouse pads, speakers and controllers.

logitech home page

You can make extra money from the Logitech affiliate program as you can choose to promote a wide range of gaming-related equipment to your audience.

We also promote Logitech equipment for programmers like best keyboards for programmers like includes Logitech keyboard in the list.

Learn more and join Logitech Affiliate Program.

Commission Rate4-10% per sale
Cookie Duration30 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer
Affiliate Network/SoftwareImpact

Microsoft Gaming Affiliate Program

Microsoft is one of the most popular hardware and software manufactural.

Some of their products include Xbox gaming console, browser, window operating system, games, apps, songs, music albums, office software, laptops, tablets, and more.

microsoft homepage

Learn more and join Microsoft Affiliate Program.

Commission Rateupto 7% per sale
Cookie Duration14 days
Payment MethodsWire Transfer
Affiliate Network/SoftwareFlexOffers and Rakuten Advertising

Green Man Affiliate Program

Green Man Gaming is another multiplatform online marketplace that sells video games.

green man gaming homepage

Most of the video games can be found here at a decent discount.

Learn more and join Green Man Affiliate Program

Commission Rateupto 5% per sale
Cookie Durationcookieless
Payment MethodsPayoneer | Check | Direct Deposit
Affiliate Network/SoftwareCJ Affiliate


Now you know some of the top 10 gaming affiliate programs available and what they let you promote to gamers on your website, YouTube or Twitch channel.

You’ll notice you have a lot of options.

One issue with gaming affiliate programs is their low commission rates compared to other niches. Rates are usually in the single to low double digits.

The key to earning high commissions from video gaming affiliate programs is to promote high-quality products.


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