Best Keyboard for programming & coding: top 5 options 2021

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keyboard for programmers

Programmers spend most of their time on a computer planning, designing, writing, and testing code.

In the world of coding a keyboard is like a walking stick when blind - You can’t do much without it.

For most programmers, having a good keyboard can significantly improve workflow.

Spending countless hours typing requires a keyboard that's comfortable to type on, switches that feel light and responsive, and features such as mechanical and programmable keys.

Why is the choice of keyboard so important?

Having a good keyboard for programming significantly improves workflow, efficiency, and performance. Finding the top choice, however, isn’t that easy.

We need to choose a keyboard that makes our work easy, stress-free, and fast.

A keyboard that you can type on the whole day without stress and also reprogram it to access the most frequently used applications on your computer easily.

A great keyboard should minimize how often you use the mouse and consequently boost your productivity.

To save you some time and effort, I’ve done the hard work of searching for keyboards for you.

What factors to consider when choosing a keyboard?

Alright, the keyboard is not merely an input device for entering lines of code. Programmers spend the majority of their time typing, therefore, a good keyboard must show the following qualities:

  1. Comfort: one programmer might be comfortable with a high-profile mechanical keyboard, while others might prefer a low-profile, membrane keyboard.
  2. Reliability: a programmer can spend hours typing on their keyboard, and I’d want the keyboard to last for years. So reliability and build quality are very important.
  3. Responsiveness: Good feedback is very important so we can spend less time making mistakes in our typing. Different keyboards can provide a different level of feedback depending on their switches, keycaps, and other factors

Best Keyboards for Programmers

I will give you 5 of the best keyboards you will get in the market right

The best keyboard for programming options are:

Keychron K2Mechanical YesBest Budget Ergonomic keyboard
Logitech MX KeysIlluminated YesBest Portable Keyboard
Microsoft Sculpt Membrane YesBest Budget Ergonomic Keyboard
Obinslab Anne Pro 2Mechanical YesBest Mechanical Keyboard
Corsair K100 RGBMechanical NoBest Budget Ergonomic Keyboard

Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

keychron k2 keyboard

My Dad sent me a link to a keyboard he thought I’d like from Keychron (along with an equally convincing discount code), which was one of the brands that kept showing up on Reddit.

Mechanical keyboards offer three switch colors: red, brown and blue.

This doesn’t refer to the color of the keys themselves, but to the switches underneath each one, which determine how far you can push the key down, how loud the key is, and how hard you have to push to get the keystroke to register.

The keyboard is high quality, feels very robust, and it’s very comfortable, it is a bit high, and I recommend using a palm rest. It has support for multiple Bluetooth devices.

Also, it t has a massive battery of 4000mAh, which translates in a lot of time without charging, though I usually have it plugged in, just for convenience.

It has support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it even provides a different set of keys for mac and windows so that you can customize it to your liking.

We recommend this keyboard as it offers both comfort and speed together.

Product Details

  • Brand: Keychron
  • Number of Buttons: 84
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, USB 3.0 Hub
  • Number of Keys: 84

Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated Wireless Keyboard

logitech mx keyboard

The Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Keyboard is a good comfortable and productive keyboard.

Logitech MX  wireless connectivity allows you to pair up at most three devices over Bluetooth or its USB dongle, and you can switch easily between the paired devices without having to repeat the pairing process.

Logitech MX comes packed with features like Perfect Stroke keys shaped for your fingertips, smart illumination, and a remarkably solid build.

Product Details

  • Brand: Logitech
  • Number of Buttons: 108
  • Connectivity Technology: USB, USB 3.0 Hub
  • Number of Keys: 108

Microsoft Sculpt Keyboard

microsoft sculpt keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt is a computer programming keyboard I highly recommend for work ergonomics.

Microsoft Sculpt is less complicated than the Keychron and considerably cheaper(budget-friendly). However, they use different methodologies so it would be unfair to compare them.

Unlike the Keychron, this coding keyboard splits the keys into two by completely removing a chunk of material between them.

Product Details

  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Number of Buttons: 126
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Type-C Hub
  • Number of Keys: 126


  • Detachable palm rest
  • Separate num pad
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Wireless
  • Adjustable tilt

Obinslab Anne Pro 2 Keyboard

Obinslab Anne Pro 2 Keyboard

The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is an excellent 60% compact gaming keyboard that feels very well-built and looks great in most computer setups.

Anne Pro 2 has good low wired connectivity, full RGB backlighting with individually-lit keys, and all keys are macro-programmable with the companion software.

Product Details

  • Brand: Anne
  • Number of Buttons: 61
  • Connectivity Technology: USB Type-C Hub
  • Number of Keys: 61


  • Full RGB backlighting.
  • Wide variety of switch types available.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Dual ARM Cortex-M

Corsair K100 RGB Keyboard

Corsair K100 RGB

For most people, a keyboard that pings your PC 4,000 times a second rather than 1,000 times a second isn’t going to translate to serious performance gains -- unless perhaps you have four times as many fingers (or four times the response time) as the average programmer.

This wired-only mechanical model feels very well-built, as it's made of solid plastic with a metal top plate.

Corsair k100 also has double shot PBT keycaps that feel stable and nice to type on, and the ergonomics are good thanks to the padded wrist rest and adjustable incline setting.

Product Details

  • Brand: Corsair
  • Number of Buttons: 117
  • Connectivity Technology: 2x USB Type-A
  • Number of Keys: 117


  • Full RGB backlighting.
  • Cushioned wrist rest and premium PBT keycaps
  • Excellent build quality.


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